We passed 50 members!

We passed 50 members!

Hey, everyone! We now have 58 members in our Discord community (not including bots)!

And two of our newest members who joined this week are our first Coaches! I also just met them this week, and they are good people. They’re happy to be a small or big part of what we’re doing, and share their wisdom whenever they have time.

The first coach who joined, “jazzness”, specializes in teaching how to control emotions more easily, and in helping people remember their superlearning phase of when they were a kid, so they can superlearn whenever they want, even every day! She’s also great at helping people understand how to get along, and how to plan your life so that you’re excited every day!

The second coach, Chris, specializes in effective communication, usually within the context of business sales, but works in any context that involves conversation between people who have different perspectives. He’s most excited to chat with entrepreneur-minded people to help them plan and reach their goals!

Our next steps are going to be evaluating our Discord’s current setup and implementations, discussing questions with our community and coaches, and brainstorming with them our next steps to make the server even better for them and the kinds of things they value most from being part of the Ugeddit community.

Always moving forward!