Social Skills Tree Testing

Social Skills Tree Testing

Hello, wonderful person!

Our Social Skills tree is updated with Use Cases (e.g. ”Starting a conversation”, “Building rapport”), and each use case describes exact steps you can take to effectively and confidently achieve it, by using Skills.

Each Skill describes specific actions you can perform that solve and overcome challenges that are technical (what to say, etc) or emotional (confidence, etc). Skills also show you what to measure, so you know exactly when you’ve succeeded. Skills even give you clear training scenarios you can use to practise and master the skill.

Currently, awesome people are helping us testing the effectiveness of this system for people who want to be more confident in talking to people and improve their social skills. We also have training events they're attending and learning from, and we're excited about how many more people may be joining soon and sharing their insights to make it even more effective for them!

If you, or someone you know, want to know more or join an event, join our Discord: