Skill Tree Feedback Implemented

Hello, wonderful person! I’ve tested our first skill tree with our voice chat attendees, and they helped me realize it’s better to separate the skill groups based on use-cases.

At first, “starting conversations” and “building relationships” skill were combined in the same skill tree, but after some chatting, members helped me realize they don’t always have the goal of starting a relationship or friendship with every person they want to talk to, so it didn’t make sense for them to see “relationship-building skills” as the next steps for learning how to talk to people

So, making 2 separate (but complementary) skill trees, “Social Skills” and “Relationship Building”, made more sense, which is what I split them into

It makes sense to me, because you can have the most enjoyable conversation in the world with someone without necessarily starting a friendship or partnership with them, and you can also get into relationships without necessarily being good at talking to people too

And there you have it, two skill trees that show our members objective, specific, and trainable skills they can see, test, practise, and master to grow their capabilities and confidence

I’m glad that people are coming to our voice chat events and community to share these pieces of advice, because just like this, I can use their help to make things better

Always moving forward!