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Our feedback: VCs, media channels, and more…

Our feedback: VCs, media channels, and more…

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Sabian Finogwar
·Aug 20, 2022·

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Hello, wonderful person! Guess what our community has been asking for in Ugeddit’s Discord.

Voice chats (VCs) and media channels.

Both of them make sense, because in Discord, voice chats are not only for microphones, but also used for screen sharing and webcam streaming, which means people can watch things together, like TV shows, movies, music videos, and more! Not only that, but if people want, they can also use them for video calls with coaches and therapists, maybe even group sessions!

Media channels can be for when people find relatable things from other places (memes, videos, music, etc) and want to share them with members in the community, which is super nice to have too, isn’t it?

Finally, our star member (remember the one who got 30 people to join?) said we should already start boosting the server, which means enabling the “Boosting” feature that allows members who have a Discord Nitro subscription to give their “Nitro boosters” to our community, which powers up our server’s “Boost level” to unlock additional features that members can use within our community.

Members who boost our server will get a special crystal badge next to their name that shows they’re a supporter, they’ll get a special role (title) that grants certain access to things.

Once our server reaches “Boost level 1”, we’ll be able to make private threads, which may be good for some threads in “Help Channels” if people are working through sensitive personal challenges with Coaches, Therapists, or even friends

Based on these (and some of my own ideas), we’ve added a few channels already

  • #random (for sharing media, photos, videos, and comments about them)
  • #wins (for sharing big or small things you have accomplished)
  • #appreciations (for sharing things and people you want to thank)
  • #motivations (for sharing things that motivate and inspire you)

Next, we’re working on a couple more information/onboarding channels, and we’re considering converting the server into an official “Community” (a Discord server type) which enables new features. We’re looking into the requirements for this.

If you want to help in a big or small way, because our main KPI (goal) is growing the number of people who feel like they’ve been helped or gained something useful from the server, we’re looking for more people to be active members and coaches/mentors!

If you know anyone like this, give people the key to our door:

See you on the inside! And remember…

Always moving forward

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