New people, reorganized community, new channels!

New people, reorganized community, new channels!

Hello, wonderful person! Our first office hours started off slow, but as I let people know about it all around the community, and also asked the coach my own questions to help other members join in without needing to break the ice themselves, one person started chatting, getting to know the coach, then began sharing one of their challenges in life. Then, a second person joined, then a third. The engine had started.

On top of this, I had spoken to more people in the past week than I had in the past MONTH, and I learned and re-learned 3 important things

  1. The value of talking to people is hard to measure, but is massively significant and pays off
  2. With my current mindset as an introvert, I have an upper comfortable limit of 2 meetings/networking events per day, before I start getting tired. My biggest day was 1 networking event + 3 meetings, and right before the 4th one I was mentally drained
  3. Despite too many meetings tiring me out, the first 2 actually GIVE me energy because the people I chose to meet were aligned with my values, we connected on multiple levels, AND we both shared helpful insights and info with each other than can help us make more progress

Th-th-th-da-uh-da-da-th-th-that’s all folks! (All I have time to write, but lots more coming)

Next up is 2 things for now:

  • Finding a Community Leader: if you know someone who knows someone who may be interested in being a Ugeddit Community Leader, let us know, and let them know so we can chat!
  • Finding coaches to cover timezone gaps, like you see in the photo (for UTC and UTC+4)


  • Eventually monetizing the server via subscriptions for members to get priority focus coaching sessions, and additional perks
  • And much more