New Feedback, New Connections

New Feedback, New Connections

Hello, wonderful people.

Sabian, here. I have to admit something: I made a mistake.

My intention for Ugeddit’s Discord is to help people learn, understand, and practise more effective ways of communicating and improving relationships of all kinds.

But recently, what I’ve been doing in the server has not been fulfilling that intention. I’ve been chatting nonchalantly about various topics, and being a listener to people for their challenges in life, and several of them have even thanked me and said it’s like they had a great therapy session.

Do you see the problem? That’s not about communication. Sure, it’s helpful, but it’s not fulfilling my intention for Ugeddit’s server. It’s what I call “mixing contexts”, and in this case that “mixing” has been a distraction.

I’ve decided to refocus myself and the Discord server on effective communication skills and strategies to help people build and improve their relationships, resolve toxic ones, even start new ones

I think the reason the server hasn’t gotten as much engagement as I expected is because this was not clear, and people didn’t see the value in it. But by making it clear to everyone that communication is the focus of the server, and being consistent with this, they will recognize the value they gain more clearly, and thus engage more, because they trust that Ugeddit’s Discord is the place to talk about it.

Our Next Steps

  • Making an announcement about all of the above directly in the server to remind people of the purpose of the server and its focus
  • Creating a resources channel for educational, practical communication tool and strategies
  • Creating a techniques channel for specific communication processes that people can use in various situations/conversations
  • I’m also considering setting up my own office hours for people to trust in a consistent time I will be available to have in-depth chats

Always moving forward