Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hello, wonderful person!

What was one of the best parts of 2022 for you?

Now, what are you most excited to do in 2023?

For me (Sabian), I’m excited to ramp up Ugeddit’s skill mastery system by visualizing people’s levels and ranks that represent their real life social and people skills, and where they can guide and support newer people, lifting them up to their level, which gives both sides even more rounded experience, and compounds into a huge self-supporting community

Once that’s set up, then we can implement subscriptions for people to get special access to dedicated training groups, even 1-on-1 coaching, with demonstratedly highly-skilled people, which will go to supporting both Ugeddit and the people in the community, encouraging more of the same, and compounding the number of people who level up their skills anywhere from starting conversations comfortably, to starting new relationships, even solving lifelong or seemingly unresolvable disagreements and shifting an entire relationship for the better, so that they can not only get along better, but also enjoy each other’s time more, and support each other more effectively

So why is this exciting to me? Because I grew up on role-playing games (RPGs) where the main things I always focused on were discovering valuable items and upgrading things to be the best they could possibly be, which includes my character and all party members and companions’ equipment, skills, and abilities, so that our collective capabilities continued to increase and we were limited by nothing

Imagine every ethical Human being in existence having every possible thing, skill, and power that maximizes their capabilities to freely and effectively do what will help the world the most

Hohoho that’s an awesome image, isn’t it? It is to me

Let's do this!