First money!

First money!

Hello, wonderful person!

Last week, one of our members gave us our first dollars and became our first Supporter!

Despite this member not having tons of cash, in fact they have very little, they still decided to become a Supporter. That says something to me.

They’ve been part of the community for a while now, and have shared multiple times the value they gotten from being part of it, and sent at least 3 appreciation messages to different members about helpful things they’ve realized, learned, and experienced because of them.

And I think that is one of the big reasons that led them to become a Supporter; plus, they probably also noticed me (as the founder) being consistent in upholding my values through both my words and actions, over time.

In other news, we have two other members of the community who are learning CNC (Core Needs Communication; based on Nonviolent Communication), and one of them is on track to becoming a Communicator role for the server, which is exciting. Communicators in Ugeddit are what moderator roles should have been (in my opinion).

Before, we had called this role “Moderator”, but our members have told us that most “Moderators” they are familiar with actually tend to behave in ways they dislike or have responsibilities that are not generally helpful to building understanding and positive connection, but our people do. So, we decided to rename the role to “Communicator” to more accurately represent what we do differently.

I’m also documenting the CNC skill tree with easy-to-follow steps and practice activities, to make it easier for more people to start learning the effective conflict-resolution and connection-building strategies that resolve disagreements in an actually helpful way that leaves both sides feeling understood & comfortable.

Example use-cases (what we call “Outcomes”) for the CNC skill tree are

  • Resolving a disagreement

  • Making a request

  • Building connection with someone

  • and others

Sneak peak: future skill trees I’m thinking of adding are “Learning & Memory”, “Emotional Control”, and more, because yes these are skills, and yes they can be learned & mastered by anyone, including you.

If you know anyone who might be curious about any of this, then let them know:

Always moving forward