Events are growing

Events are growing

Hello, wonderful person!

We just had double the number of people attend this week’s voice chat event in our Discord!

Last time was 3 people, and now we had 6! On top of that, since we’ve been getting more and more comfortable talking and interacting, 3 of us started showing our faces on video and got comfortable doing this as well!

I admit, I didn’t have the best plan for that event, and our conversations were all over the place, but the point is just a couple weeks ago, no one (other than me) was speaking and some were still typing TEXT while connected to voice chat, to respond to my voice. It felt a bit like I was transcribing speech-to-text.

But now, we are speaking, having conversations, and even sharing video

Our current events are on Sat & Sun at 6am PST (UTC-8). We’re asking people which other times they want for events, if you want to join.

We’re looking for volunteers to host and facilitate the voice chats, which is basically just letting people know what the events are about, when they’re happening, and then starting the event and asking example questions to get people talking!

If you or anyone you know might be interested, ask us about it in our Discord: