Empty event = huge value?

Empty event = huge value?

Hello, wonderful person!

Guess how many people attended our Discord’s voice chat event last Saturday?


But somehow we got the same level, if not more, value than last week!


Well, one of our star members who couldn’t attend the voice call but was still able to send messages shared something cool with us: potential revenue streams specific to Discord

One of those methods is granting promotion ad spaces in our server for other communities that align with our values, which just requires setting up a ticketing system (using a bot). So, we’ll be considering if it makes sense to do this now or later.

Another method for down the line is requesting to enable Discord’s in-built community subscriptions beta feature which allegedly requires us to have at least 50k members, so we’ll be keeping that in mind. But to work around this in the meantime, there are bots that integrate with Patreon, so we can actually set up an account on there to receive subscriptions right now.

We’ll be thinking about either of these and if, when, and where they’ll make sense to implement

Always moving forward!