Community subscriptions available!

Community subscriptions available!

Hello, wonderful person!

I was wrong. I didn’t think anyone valued what Ugeddit was doing enough to subscribe, so I hadn’t set up subscription methods yet. But then, I got a surprise: I was chatting in our Discord server when a couple people in our community asked how they can subscribe, and they said they would.

That was a wakeup call, and it reminded me of 3 important things:

  1. The only barrier to progress is in your assumptions about the world & others

  2. Ugeddit can use money to support the people who help us grow faster

  3. I hadn’t been moving fast enough because my focus was not on the absolute highest priority that fuels everything else: facilitating positive, constructive engagement

Then, over 3 days, I planned subscription tier benefits, researched simple-to-implement payment platforms that integrate easily with Discord roles, and set up paid Discord channels for subscribers.

Now, you can subscribe to Ugeddit to

  • Get more tailored help and training for your social skills, relationships, and more

  • Help others gain value from what Ugeddit is sharing, by supporting the community

  • Grow Ugeddit so we can expand beyond helping with social skills to include emotional control, goal-setting, mastering learning & memory, and more

If you want these for yourself, others you care about, or the world, then support us at

And if you or people you know haven’t joined our Discord server yet, come master your skills, improve yourself, or just chat with people willing to listen at

Always moving forward