Communicator Onboarded!

Communicator Onboarded!

Hello, wonderful person!

Our first Communicator is ready!

On Saturday morning, he showed his understanding and ability to use CNC (Core Needs Communication) effectively, for four of its fundamental skills

  1. Using Observations

  2. Expressing Pure Emotions

  3. Sharing Needs

  4. Making Effective Requests

Now that he knows how to use these skills, he can do what our communicators do well: guide our members in the server to interact in ways that are comfortable and helpful for all

He has already indirectly caused most of (or potentially all) the 4 new members I mentioned in previous posts to join Ugeddit’s community, which is awesome

Since announcing his Communicator status, it looks like 2 other members have started learning to use CNC, which is even awesomer!

Next steps are

  • Onboarding at least 5 more people to Ugeddit’s skill trees & resources

  • Getting feedback & refining the skill trees, so we can provide more of the same value that our first supporter decided was meaningful enough to their life to give Ugeddit their precious dollars as a “Thank you” and “Please do more”

Always moving forward