Communicator Incoming!

Communicator Incoming!

Hello, wonderful person!

Guess what? One of our members, the one who wants to become a Communicator, has been learning CNC (Core Needs Communication; our version of NVC - Nonviolent Communication), and he is now just a few steps away from qualifying for the role in our Discord server!

He also shared parts of the CNC skill tree that were confusing, and we were able to simplify it. One thing we adjusted was hiding some “back end” information that was getting in the way of people being able to easily follow the steps for skills. Now, it’s cleaner & easier to understand, because of his help!

Speaking of that, we’re almost finished the CNC skill tree, which is the foundation for most (if not all) social skills outcomes such as

  • Keeping a conversation going

  • Saying ‘No’ to someone

  • Asking someone for something

  • And more

As well as relationship-building outcomes like

  • Starting a friendship

  • Starting a romantic relationship

  • Changing discomforts into comforts

  • Adding more mutual happiness

  • And more

Our next steps

  1. Bring more people into these skill trees

  2. Ask about their experience around how easy/hard they are to understand & use

  3. See how effectively using them helps to accomplish their outcomes

  4. Updating the skill trees, based on what they’ve shared, to be easier to understand quickly, and simple to use

  5. Guiding someone to become the first “Skill Master” who has… well mastered at least one of these skills, and can use it effectively in almost any social situation, whether with friends, family, strangers, authorities, workplaces, or others

How you can help

  • Think of one person who, more than anyone else you know, is someone you think might gain something from this, or may want to support this, and share this post with them

  • If you are interested in this yourself, then

Let’s do this!

Always moving forward