3 Social Outcomes

3 Social Outcomes

Hello, wonderful person!

I think it’s important to share that we currently have 3 defined outcomes (processes, flows, etc)

  1. Start a conversation

  2. Complete a conversation

  3. Make a friend

Each of these flows have specific steps you can take, like actions you can perform or words you can say, to move forward and accomplish the outcome for yourself. Once you master these steps, you will master achieving the outcome with almost anyone

In the past 2 weeks, our members have helped test these flows, letting us know how it went using them, and if they got stuck at any point, which we used to fill in the gaps of what was missing, making them complete

We’re looking for more people who want to improve their social skills to test these flows, and share their experiences using them, and how helpful these flows are for them

If you know anyone who’s not confident about their social skills, or may be interested in trying out these flows, then it's free at the moment, so let them know they can join Ugeddit’s Discord!

Let’s do this!