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New people, reorganized community, new channels!

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Sabian Finogwar
·Sep 10, 2022·

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Hello, wonderful person! It’s been a while since the last update because of certain personal issues I (Sabian) have been having around distractions and motivation to share (as an introvert, I’m not always excited to frequently interact with others especially on social media). But despite this, I’ve been persevering, and things have been moving forward

Discord Community Updates

  • We’ve now passed 60 total members!
  • We started a Question of the Day channel that shares useful, daily questions around social skills and communication
  • We have implemented Coach Office Hours where vetted coaches volunteer to share their knowledge, experience, and advice to members wanting help with anything from social skills and relationships, to business and entrepreneurship
  • Now, we’re looking for a Community Leader to help engage and grow our server!

Ugeddit Business Updates

  • I’ve been chatting with a huge mentorship platform (100+ mentors) that just may be able to bring even more coaches and therapists to Ugeddit, and we’re seeing how these progress
  • I’ve been meeting people in person in my own neighbourhood and sharing Ugeddit with them too
  • Now, I’m looking for someone to help with the business development and finance side of Ugeddit

Always moving forward

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